It’ll take to create lasting change

Our conviction is that corporate partnerships can serve not only as a means to assist brands in achieving their CSR goals, but also generate enduring positive outcomes for the children of India.

Different Ways To Partner With Tap To Smile

We have a wide range of partnership options for you to choose from; all of which are customizable to meet your CSR goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopt A Project

Tap To Smile works with 25 local projects across 4 cities in the areas of education, health, nutrition, safety and protection, as well as participation. You can adopt one or more of our projects that fit your CSR needs in terms of geographical location and area of intervention. Tap To Smile will be responsible for monitoring the program, providing programmatic direction and technical expertise to project staff, and sending project impact reports periodically.

Corporate Donations

You can make a one-time donation towards a particular cause that your company would like to support through Tap to Smile. Our initiatives encompass a wide range of issues related to children’s rights, including education, child labor, child marriage, malnutrition, healthcare, and gender inequality. Your contribution will be allocated towards Tap to Smile’s programs that tackle your selected cause.