2 Taas – Swachh Pune Prayaas

Cleanliness & Awareness Drive

Cleanliness is not just a habit, it’s a way of life that impacts our health and environment. On 12th August 2023, an inspiring session on personal and environmental cleanliness unfolded at Chaitraban, Lumbini Buddha Temple, organized for underprivileged children from Vikas Sanchalit Upper and Supra Indiranagar. This enlightening event was hosted by the collaborative efforts of Tap To Smile NGO and Swachh Pune, under the Swachh Bharat- Swachh Pune initiative.

The session commenced with Vipul Patel shedding light on the significance of maintaining cleanliness in one’s own body. A crucial lesson indeed, as a clean body is the foundation of a healthy life. Pratik Kharbanda then took the stage, demonstrating proper hair and nail cutting techniques and the importance of timely hand and foot washing. These essential practices not only foster good hygiene but also protect children’s health.

Tejaswini Thete expertly tackled the topic of waste management, simplifying the decomposition of dry and wet waste, and highlighting the value of recycling and reusing. Through relatable examples, the children grasped the concept of responsible waste disposal, equipping them with knowledge that can contribute to a cleaner environment.

Sathya Natarajan from Swachh Bharat- Swachh Pune engaged the young minds, teaching them about responsible plastic waste disposal. He encouraged them to refrain from littering and spitting on the roads and urged them to discourage such behaviour in others. The children, full of enthusiasm, joined in a lively song that encapsulated the essence of cleanliness, embedding the message deep within their hearts.

After the enlightening sessions, the children were provided with sanitizers, hand socks, and garbage bags by Swachh, enabling them to actively participate in the hands-on cleaning of the premises. Guided by the Tap to Smile volunteers, the children and their parents zealously took part, demonstrating the power of collective action. The importance of maintaining clean surroundings was not only conveyed through words but through the tangible efforts of these young champions.

Radhika Malani, Pratik Kharbanda, Swara Kulkarni, and Anshu Samriya from Tap to Smile worked tirelessly alongside 58 children aged 4 to 15, along with six dedicated parents from the community. The workshop was thoughtfully planned by Kavita Kamble, Sarika Ubale, and Sheetal Avadhoot of Abhiruchi (Vanchit Vikas) class, whose commitment played a vital role in its success.

As the event drew to a close, Tejaswini Thete expressed gratitude on behalf of the organization to Tap to Smile, Swachh Pune, and all the participants for their unwavering support. With hearts filled with newfound knowledge and a sense of responsibility, the children returned home, leaving behind a cleaner and brighter environment. The day concluded on a warm note, as attendees shared a moment of camaraderie over a cup of tea.

In a world where small actions can create big ripples, this guidance session stands as a testament to the potential of education and collaboration in fostering positive change. Through knowledge, empowerment, and unity, these children have not only imprinted the lessons of cleanliness in their minds but have sown the seeds of a cleaner, healthier future for themselves and their community.

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