Mentoring is the cornerstone of all our programmes. It allows you the opportunity of guiding a youngster towards fulfilling their potential and aspirations.

Become a Mentor Parent at Tap To Smile and experience the joy of changing a life. As a Mentor Parent in an Tap To Smile you would do just what a parent does—give children a warm hug to soothe their emotional trauma and pain, run to the doctor when a child falls ill and just be there to make them feel secure.

We invite individuals with a rich experience in parenting their own children to voluntarily commit themselves to bringing up children at Tap To Smile. All you need as your strongest motivation is compassion.

Mentor an Tap To Smile Fellow

We enable young girls to continue higher education through Tap To Smile Fellowship (T2SF). The Idea is to develop the Childrens to be capable and independent, while enabling academic excellence. As an Tap To Smile Mentor, you would encourage Children to focus on their future. You would provide individual attention and counseling to the Fellows, grooming them into well-developed adults. As a Mentor you would devote 5-8 hours per month with the fellows assigned to you.

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