We welcome overseas volunteers and see their ability to share their culture, skills and experience as invaluable for Tap To Smile children, youngsters and the organization. Derive the maximum value from your stay in India as you help show our children and young adults the world through your eyes.

As an overseas volunteer at Tap To Smile you would engage with the Tap To Smile programme or the Tap To Smile Fellowship programme (T2SF) and could also assist us in the office in streamlining processes.

In addition to volunteering with Udayan Care programmes, you can support our head office in areas like fund raising, communications, human resource management and research.

We would prefer you to spend a minimum of 3-4 weeks with us. This helps the bond between you and the children to develop, allowing you to create more value out of your volunteering experience.

You are welcome to stay longer. Many have returned for a second and third time!

We are very fortunate to have had volunteers from more than 30 countries around the world including Australia, USA, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Finland, England, Switzerland, Canada, France and Germany among others.

Please get in touch with our volunteer management team at volunteers@tap2smile.org

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